It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Aangan is making people lose sleep with all the anticipation. But one of the leads in the show, Mawra Hocane, promises that it will be worth everybody’s time, and so much more. We got a chance to catch the starlet at the show’s curtain raiser, and she spilled some exclusive details you all would love to know.

People who are unfamiliar with the novel are probably wondering what’s up with her character, and Hocane feels it would be unfair to constrict such a complex character to merely a few words. “My character, Aaliya, is very hard to decipher in a few words. In the director’s words, Aaliyah looks at the bigger picture,” she explained. “She is very insightful, and holds a bird’s eye view over everything. She has this calmness to herself, which is there because she does not react over petty things,” she added.

Judging by the captivating teasers, Aaliya comes off as someone who has a lot to offer. “She is very compassionate, but at the same time she is very brave and is there to protect her relationships. But when it comes to falling in love, she is extremely weak. There are too many shades in her character, which emerge according to the situation,” Hocane said, hinting there’s more to it than just black-and-white.

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A good actor completely blends in the role, so much that it gets hard to make a distinction. And Hocane seems to be a pro at it. “To play Aaliyah, I have experienced all kinds of emotions a girl may not feel altogether in her life. But fortunately, being an actor comes with the advantage that you experience things which you may not experience otherwise. So, I have tried to imbibe all these qualities through Aaliyah, that is to be compassionate and softer towards the world,” she explained.

Now time for the burning question on everyone’s mind. What is up with the love triangle? The teasers are making us all wonder about the intricate relationship dynamics, but Hocane feels there’s more than meets the eye. “It is very difficult to associate any character of Aangan with another, as it is a very complex story, with complex connections. It would be bad to reduce them to a couple, or a love triangle or quadrant or whatever. Every character is interconnected and equally important,” she explained.

When asked what it was like working with Ahad Raza Mir again, alongside Sajal Aly this time, Hocane had nothing but compliments. “Ahad was wonderful. He was a lovely boy to shoot with and to spend time with. But you cannot compare his character in Aangan to that of Sammi’s. He’s played Jameel so wonderfully,” she gushed.

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And moreover, Aly’s Chammi is her little Chammo. “As Aaliyah, I had a lot of love for Chammi, because she is dear to me. She’s the one Aaliyah would go an extra mile for. Even in real life, I feel Sajal is an excellent actor, and so is the rest of the cast,” she lauded.

These details just add to the overflowing apprehension. But this play, set in the 1920-40s, will undoubtedly be a massive treat for all period play fans. According to the leading lady herself, one major reason the fans should look out for the show is they would get to witness true human emotions in its essence. And we’re up for that!

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