The Pakistani drama industry is on a roll with consequent hits, and Baba Jani is on the list. This Faysal Qureshi production and starrer highlights the struggles of a middle-aged man in an overbearing family. Also starring Savera Nadeem, Saba Hameed, and Madiha Imam, this show is on its way to become a cult-favourite among the masses.

One of the most interesting bits about it is the captivating soundtrack. The song, composed by Wajhi Farooki of Raeth, is being appreciated all over because of its strong vocals and mesmerizing lyrics that go with the theme of the show. Hearing it for the first time took me back to the days where I used to listen to Raeth’s Bheegay Se Gesun on repeat, and rest assured, Farooki has only gotten better with time.

Getting to know of the story through Qureshi himself, he explained how they needed a heart-warming song that would go with the plot. “It was about a man who’s madly in love with his wife but also has to handle the world,” he explained. With the help of Raeth’s Tarun Sharma, and Priyani Vani’s beautiful vocals, a masterpiece was made.

He told us about his background as a composer in India and Pakistan, and with several successful OSTs under his belt like Priyanka Chopra’s Zanjeer, Mahesh Bhatt’s Humari Adhoori Kahani, Shaadi Mubarak, and Bechari Nadia, he feels like working on these songs comes easy to him. You will always see Raeth’s sound in my compositions, so it’s not very different for me to make songs out of my bands circuit,” he said.

When asked how important the soundtrack is for the promotion of a show, the singer felt it’s an integral part of the production. I think a very good OST can turn your drama from a 3-star to 5-stars because [initially] nobody knows the story, they only see the song in promos. If it has a good OST, people look forward to watching it,” he explained. Giving examples of Humsafar and Sun Yaara, he felt, “Baba Jani’s OST tells the viewers about the seriousness of the project.”

This powerful song sure gets the message across to every listener with one go. I think this song has touched the strings of many hearts, I am really glad and thankful to God that this song has worked,” the singer gushed. Speaking of his upcoming projects, he mentioned several OSTs, mainly two in Pakistan, and one in Bollywood, and said he would love to collaborate with Attaullah Esakhelvi, given the chance. The singer is also releasing a single in January next year, and we’re eagerly looking forward to it.


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