There’s hardly a person out there who isn’t completely captivated by Atif Aslam’s vocals. From his mysterious charm, to his unique voice, the singer possesses all the qualities a superstar should have. Following the massive success of Aadat, the singer’s shaky relationship with Jal the band has always been scrutinized in the public eye. He finally reveals what went down in an interview with Samina Peerzada, and we have all the deets.

Pretty young to the music business, Aslam and Gohar Mumtaz found soaring success soon after their first single. Soon after they started getting offers, Aslam’s elder brother was asked to manage the band. Eventually, Mumtaz shared his concerns. “He come up to me and said we can’t work together like this,” the singer recalls. When asked why, it was revealed that Mumtaz wanted his brother to manage the band as well. “I kinda got to know that it was something like your share in the money would be more than mine and I got ticked-off,” Aslam said.

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Not knowing what to tell his brother about the current situation of the band, the singer still tried to work things out. “I’d be the last person who’d want to break off a relationship,” he said. The band was then asked to perform at a concert in Lahore, but Mumtaz felt better opportunities awaited them in Karachi. Money also became an integral issue for both. “I understood then that it was sort of blackmailing, and I didn’t have the money. Of course, if I had something then I would have given it to him for sure,” the singer explained.

Mumtaz eventually left for the show in Karachi, leaving Aslam to do the concert on his own. “So basically, he went there for [the band’s] representation and he lied to them when they asked him where the lead singer is. He told them there’s been a death in his family and he can’t come,” the singer revealed, feeling betrayed. This incident turned out to be the final nail in the coffin, and urged Aslam to go solo.

When asked if he has forgiven Mumtaz for whatever went down, the singer responded positively. “I have. I have met him a couple of times. He’s a great player, and I really enjoyed making music with him… He told me he regretted it, and I felt a little awkward. “ he said. He also talked about how things are okay between the two now as their paths are different, and there’s no bad blood.

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Fans are loving this completely candid side of the singer, as he’s seldom seen so brutally honest. Mad love and respect for him, and we can’t wait for the rest of the interview to drop! Till then, watch part one of it;


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