Pakistani singer and philanthropist Shehzad Roy is set to make a mark in the reviving cinema of Pakistan. According to media reports, Roy is going to part of two upcoming Pakistani films.

“I’m acting in a movie,” revealed Roy in a report on somethinghaute. “We have two scripts with us right now. More than acting, the ambition is to make a film but yes, I am also acting. I won’t be the director of course, but I will have a role in the process of the film,” he added.

According to the report, Roy has been offered scripts by veteran writer Anwar Maqsood and another by an old friend, Faisal Qureshi. But, his fans have to wait a little more as he is expected to reveal more details after Pakistan Super League (PSL) season three, which starting from February 24th, 2018.

“After PSL, things will concretize with the film. But as far as acting is concerned, I will only do it if I think I can,” he told. “That is why I’m a part of the process of the film. The role(s) are such that either they are in complete contrast to me or close to me, nothing is in between. It is more difficult to do a role that’s somewhere in the middle,” he added.

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Roy has also sung the official anthem of PSL franchise Karachi Kings, which is expected to release in few days.


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