Women in Pakistan put weight on ‘Aurat March’ importance


After Lahore High Court (LHC) sought a permanent ban on ‘Aurat March’ across Pakistan, the women in the country came out to highlight the importance of such initiative for a good cause.

Women in numbers took to Twitter to explain why they want ‘Aurat March’ to put light on how females struggle in our society. #WhyIMarch becomes a trend on social media and people started sharing their views with an aim to change the general perception about ‘Aurat March’.

It must be noted here that LHC approached the federal and provincial governments to put a ban on ‘Aurat March’ citing it as “anti-state” and “un-Islamic”. Following a petition by Advocate Azhar Siddique, LHC Chief Justice Mamoon Rashid Sheikh gave directives.

According to the petitioner, hundreds of women will come out with placards portraying negativity, anarchy, and vulgarity under the banner of ‘Aurat March’ which is unethical and against Islamic teachings.


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