Hassan Sheheryar Yasin, popularly known as HSY, is set to kick off season five of his TV talk show Tonite with HSY from this Eid ul Fitr and for that, he has already begun recordings. The fashion designer cum TV host has also sent an ‘open invitation’ to Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar to come on his show together.

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HSY was briefing bloggers about the concept of Tonite with HSY season five on the new sets. When asked to share his opinion on Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar scandal – or call it a controversy – the host refrained himself from sharing any opinion but told that he invited both of them to the show.

“We invited both on the show and they both, because of the current situation, cannot come,” he told. “I would have loved to have them in my show but I respect the situation that they are both under and I leave it to them to figure it out but my invitation will be open for them,” he added.

Reasoning why he did not want to share his opinion on the controversy, he told, “my take isn’t the take that is necessary here at this place because you have to understand that my take isn’t just about two celebrities but friends. I know their spouses and parents for years. So for me, to just talk about them in an open format, would be unfair to all of those people attached.”

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Talking about his relation with Meesha and Ali, he told that he knew them for many years. “They both are my friend. I have grown up with Meesha and she used to work with me, as my assistant when she first started out and Ali was in school as my junior, so I have known them all my life,” he told.


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