Sonya Hussyn is known to be one of the most versatile TV actresses in Pakistani Drama industry through her brilliant performance in her projects like Moor, Aisi Hai Tanhai, Nazo, Shikwa, Dareecha and her upcoming movie Azaadi. She has proven herself to be one of the boldest artist in this industry who plays the most heart wrenching roles in dramas, portraying the harsh realities of life in order to spread awareness regarding social matters faced in the society.

In this project, Sonya Hussyn will be playing the lead role along with the talented artists Mohsin Abbas, Sania Saeed, Faris Shafi, Sajid Hasan, Tariq Jameel and a few other celebrities.

This serial resolves around all those Pakistani girls and women, who have been harassed, tortured, assaulted and raped. It shows the sadistic side of our society.

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The story starts with Sonya Hussyn, being a simple girl who sees a lot of under aged girls being raped and killed. It surprises her how every time the matters is settled and eventually resolved in a few days after the incident. The culprits are never given punishment for their heinous acts and the very same crime is being repeated freely in the society.

The story is about a girl who stands for the justice off all those girls who are silenced by the norms of the society. Theme of this project reflects “Unity is power” and shows what wonders a united nation can do if they stand together against these crimes.

When asked about the much anticipated drama, Sonya Hussain said, “This role is very close to my heart as a woman myself, I have witnessed a lot of women subjected to harassment at the hands of men at every stage of my life. I want to be a part in making a difference in society so that women can move freely without the fear of being assaulted and harassed and then being blamed for it. Our mothers’ daughters, sisters and wives are the backbones of our community and giving them respect and protection should be obligated instead of violating them mentally and physically”.


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