Social media everywhere is full of congratulatory notes for Hamza Ali Abbasi and his bride-to-be Naimal Khan on their upcoming nikkah. What were just rumours until yesterday have now shaped up to be a love story unlike any other, following Abbasi’s confirmation and announcement in a long note.

Among other things, Abbasi mainly talked about his connection with Allah and revealed how the nature of his relationship with Khan has been purely platonic. He opened up about having a hard time forming a bond with the opposite sex, and wanted to marry in order to be closer to God, with which Khan agreed.

The actor ended the note by saying their nikkah and walima ceremonies will be simple, and added how there isn’t much to tell about his ‘love story’ to all the show hosts that have been calling him incessantly.

Following the actor’s statement, there has been an outpour of Twitteratis who are having a hard time digesting his take on marriage. Many have started making jokes about how one can marry their platonic friend, and the religious angle he has taken with his marriage.

Soon enough, people started using his stance in joke formats in a sarcastic manner.

While many flat out disagreed with his views and the way he perceives marriage.

Some also agreed on how there are always two kinds of reactions, and many would have loved his stance.

While others argued that this is what every Pakistani man believes in and does.

On a side note, some felt it was ridiculous to criticise the actor over a consensual bond.

But nevertheless, some are sending out their warm wishes for Khan.

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Regardless of how Abbasi approached his bride-to-be, we wish the couple a life full of love and prosperity ahead!


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