Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi join up for another exciting 7th Sky Entertainment venture. The team has always worked on myriad projects and has never failed to enthrall us. Their joint effort has mesmerized us, enchanted us and the creativity and imagination they give to their projects has given a magical flavor to otherwise mundane situations. I for one never turn down an Abdullah Kadwani – Asad Qureshi project and always watch it until the end because I know there is never a dull moment- the team present projects that extract the most out of us- whether we love the characters or hate them, laugh with them or cry for them- there is nothing done halfway- every project pulls out a 100% response from its viewers and that’s what 7th Sky Entertainment is all about!

Their latest venture is Romeo Weds Heer. Episode 1 was aired last night and my! What a bang! The promos and soundtrack teasers had been enticing and baiting us and we were all excited for the REAL show to begin so that we could finally feast our eyes on the riveting performances promised by the visuals. The music, the cast, the concept…. Ooh la la! The girl Heer, played by the pretty Sana Javed and Romeo, played by charming Feroze Khan, are all set to capture our hearts once again! And the music-it is certainly a family play to be watched on big screens with loud volume- in fact, I recommend, it is the play to watch when you want to just enjoy an evening without any frills attached.

The story line is a bit conventional but presented in such an alluring and impromptu performance by the entire team- the Arab geek who comes to ask for Heer’s hand in marriage, her stupid simpleton brother, worried and old father and pretty mama, Romeo’s cell-struck sister and charmingly simple professional parents- everyone is a delight to watch.

Definitely the top one on my list of entertainment dramas to wait for every week- well worth the wait and well worth spending an entire hour glued to our screens!

By Sumera Shahid


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