Singer Abdullah Qureshi is the latest celebrity to quit the entertainment industry, and citing religion as the reason behind their departure.

The Dastaan singer took to Instagram to share his statement and left many saddened. “I know I’ve been lost since a long time and I have received a ton of messages in this time asking about where I have been. I was on a break, pressed the pause button for a while and took this time to find who I was, where l’m headed and who do I want to become,” he started off.

“I want to take a moment to announce my exit from the music industry as I have decided to stop doing music as a full time profession. I took this decision purely because of religious reasons,” he stated.

He further recounted his time in the industry and then shared how he felt this wasn’t where he’s supposed to be. “I have had a great time making music, playing concerts for thousands of people, getting loved and appreciated, facing controversies, making some wrong decisions, spreading some positivity, making some amazing friends, working with people who were my idols, learning from the best and doing what I loved doing,” he said.

“But I believe that the actual purpose of life is way bigger than all of this and we have very little time in this world to make our afterlife better,” he added.

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He also shared how he felt about this decision, and ended his statements with prayers and the idea of being open to special appearances. “Alhamdulillah I’m satisfied with this decision and l’m on my way to find the real truth and I pray that Allah makes this new journey easy for me. This means that I will no longer be performing concerts or appearing in ads anymore so I would appreciate if l’m not contacted for those,” he said.

“However if I’m needed for any appearance events, social media campaigns or work that interests me and falls within the folds of our religion, l’d be happy to do it. Lots of love and prayers to all of you who’ve supported me over the years. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Keep me in your prayers!” he concluded.


The news of his departure is still fresh but reactions have started pouring in. While his fans are definitely upset to hear he has quit, they also appreciate the fact that it was because of religious reasons. However, some people do not agree with his stance regarding music. For instance, singer Natasha Baig tweeted how making music or musicians out to be villains because of their profession does not sit right with her.

“I will never appreciate those musicians who leave behind their career in the name of awakening. Coz that proves the wrong narrative that has been attached with music. So please go ahead and congrats on your awakening but do not make us look like villains in the process,” she said.

“Your act might be something which Islam never appreciates but music is divine and it has nothing to do with any sinful act unless you are unable to control your nafs and nafs can become a problem in any profession,” she added.

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