Fahad Mustafa has been a celebrated actor and a household name in Pakistan for years, and a lot of it has to do with his signature style of hosting the popular game show, Jeeto Pakistan. His vibrant personality and engaging interactions with the audience have contributed significantly to the show’s popularity in recent years.

Speaking of which, a recent clip from Jeeto Pakistan has gone viral, showcasing one such heartwarming interaction between Fahad and a participant with special needs. In the clip, the actor is seen interacting with the participant, Amna, in a kind and compassionate manner to the point where he ends up purposefully making her win when she’s supposed to pick out a box and test her luck. Amna is seen returning to her seat extremely joyful with her win, and this brought in a whole lot of praise and comments of appreciation for Mustafa.

Check out the clip below.


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After this clip started making rounds, viewers shared another similar clip from Jeeto Pakistan where Mustafa is seen engaging with an old deaf and mute participant and the whole interaction again is truly wholesome.

Check it out below.


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Soon after, Twitter and other social media platforms started flooding with praises for Mustafa and how he has always created wholesome family entertainment through his show and way of interacting. Check out some of the reactions below.

Some even commented how this is the kind of Ramzan content they want to see.

What do you think of these wholesome moments? Share your thoughts with us.


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