‘Never imagined making music after Strings’ Faisal shares CS 14 journey


Faisal Kapadia shared that he never thought of making music after discontinuing their famous band Strings.

While talking to Express Tribune, Faisal revealed how a 30-minutes conversation with Xulfi [Coke Studio 14’s producer] forced him to rethink about making music.

“The turning point for me was when this

“I never imagined myself making music after Strings,” he shared.

“But a 30-minute conversation turned out to be so inspiring. I got a call from Xulfi. It was the summer of ‘21, I was on a family vacation, he called to ask if I wanted to do a song in CS 14,

“The conversation felt like a destiny was calling me. The musician inside became excited again,” disclosed the singer, who wrote CS 14’s last song Phir Milenge alongside Xulfi, Abdullah Siddique and Adnan Dhool.


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