Actors are not supposed to justify reel-life characters: Yasra Rizvi


Yasra Rizvi believes that actors shouldn’t be judged on the basis of their reel-life characters in real life.

Churails actor reacted to people taking reel-life characters seriously and bashing actors on their social media accounts for their drama and film roles.

“This goes for all characters, the only job of an actor is to do justice to the character they are playing and depict it with authenticity not to justify the politics or the morality of the character to general public or take responsibility for a fictional performance in the real world. A realistic performance only makes them good at their job not target for public trial,” she highlighted.

“Actors who play characters of rapists and murderers are not actually rapists or murderers and they are not condoning or justifying such actions in real life by playing said characters,” she went onto add.

Recently, Churails female actors were criticized among the general public for their bold roles in the web-series. The first-ever Pakistani original series telecasted on Zee5 was also banned in the country for a short time-period due to several objections by the public over its content.

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