People divided over ‘Churails’ being banned in Pakistan


‘Churails’, Pakistan’s first-ever web-series directed by Asim Abbasi was banned in the country due to its bold content.

Asim took to Twitter on Wednesday to express disappointment over his web-series becoming inaccessible to Pakistani audience. In a series of Tweets, Asim explained how this censorship will hurt the entire entertainment industry which was expecting the bright future of digital/OTT platforms in the country.

Now as ‘Churails’ have been banned in Pakistan, people look divided on this decision. A lot of them questioned the vulgar content to promote women’s empowerment.

Some people asked why women empowerment can’t be portrayed like the famous Turkish drama serial ‘Drilis: Ertugrul’ did.

On the other hand, a huge number of people raised concerns over banning ‘Churails’ which they think showed society’s reality.


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