PM Khan recommends Pakistanis ‘History of the Pathans’ for Dec reading


Prime Minister Imran Khan recommended yet another book to his countrymen for reading, this time the one based on history of Pathans.

Taking to Instagram, PM Khan shared a picture of the book named ‘History of Pathans’ written by Brig (r) Haroon Rashid and asked people to read about the detailed history of Pashtoons.

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“This month I recommend the book ‘History of the Pathans’ by Brig (r) Haroon Rashid. Volume 7 which I am reading is about Pathan tribes like mine who came to India from Afghanistan in the last one thousand years and settled in various parts of India. It traces the role they played in shaping the history of India,” he shared.

Earlier, the cricketer-turned-politician recommended books like Islam and the destiny of Man, The Forty Rules of Love for reading to gain information about Islam and Sufism.

Famous Turkish drama serial Drilis: Ertugrul was also aired at Pakistan Television (PTV) on PM’s special directives as he wanted the Youth to know Islamic history and culture.

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