Adnan Siddiqui is making a comeback after a three-year acting hiatus with a new short film called Jamun Ka Darakht, directed by Rafay Rashdi, the filmmaker behind Thora Jee Le. According to the director, the plot of the film aims to explore the theme of “neutral subjugation of consensuality” between a man and a woman.

While speaking to Dawn Images, Siddiqui revealed that he will be playing the role of Kareem in the film, which comments on the intricate complexities of society, full of people who are busy masking their true selves. He also commented on the hypocritical nature of our world, and how our society has become morally bankrupt.

“Society has become morally bankrupt and our value system is rapidly declining. No one blinks twice before making unreasonable demands, before acting morally corrupt. And also the fact is that society is unfair to those who don’t have deep pockets or connections. They are, unfortunately, exploited because of their lack of privilege,” he shared.

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The actor also shared how he feels as an artist, he has a social and moral responsibility to portray characters that convey a message, and how his work can influence and inspire his audience.

“I recognise that my work has the power to influence and inspire my audience, and that with this power comes a great responsibility to use it wisely. Some characters can serve as powerful vehicles for empathy, understanding, and education, allowing audiences to see the world from different perspectives and to reflect on their own beliefs and biases,” he said.

Jamun Ka Darakht’s cast includes Maha Tahirani, Fouzia Aman, and Saman Ansari, along with Irfan Motiwala, Yogesh Karera, Ahad Touqeer, Zara Usman and Syeda Ramesha Nawal. The film has been penned by Bee Gul, the writer of the acclaimed series “Raqeeb Se,” and is produced by Rafay Rashdi Productions, Syed Murad Ali Presentations, and Faisal Kapadia. More details about the film are still under wraps.

This is Siddiqui’s first role after appearing in Yeh Dil Mera in 2020. Prior to this, Siddiqui hosted the reality show Tamasha. He also donned the producer cap for the feature film Dum Mastam.


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