Ali Noor is facing the wrath of people once again and the reason behind it is all the same. Today, singer Maha Ali Kazmi came forward with her harrowing experience of having once almost worked with Ali Noor which resulted in a traumatic experience for her. The singer recalled the time when she auditioned for Coke Studio and how the Noori frontman made the experience quite nasty for her.

In a series of Instagram stories, Maha went on a rant about her experience.

“I will tell you today, I was called for the Coke Studio’s audition. Ali Noor came inside. And he would not let me sing a single sentence in my voice. He asked me a very unprofessional question: “Will you sing in your own key or will we have to give you a key?” Then two lines later, he told me that I was not what he had envisioned. And that I should come to Lahore and I should let him mould me in whatever way he likes,” she started off.

“Then the next day, he introduced me and my husband. He invited us to PC, to psychoanalyze me and advised me to take a lot of drugs. Like I’m not a woman. I’m not going to sleep with you, mother*******. And if you want someone to spread their legs and stick your d**** inside, then go find somebody else,” she added.

Maha then went on to wish ill upon the singer for this terrible experience and reiterated how she feels proud for holding her ground.

“Maybe I won’t be famous, but I’m at least at peace with the fact that I did not let myself, let my body, let my soul and my values be a victim of these disgusting, pathetic, shitty predators. At least I have not left myself at the mercy of them. It’s very easy to spread your legs and give them favors and they can only give you scraps in return. They don’t have anything else to offer,” she said.

“All I say is you go f*** yourself, Ali Noor. You go f*** yourself first because you sabotaged my Coke Studio audition and I hope you die,” she concluded.

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This was followed by a note Maha posted on her Instagram stories, which deemed Ali Noor a ‘sexual predator’ amidst other things.

“Ali Noor, you are a sexual predator. Crazy to the core yet sane enough to take advantage of young women who come your way. You sabotaged my Coke Studio audition because you saw you had no chance to sleep with me. You are beneath me. A social parasite. Spit on your face. It’s actually turning uglier by the day. Actions reflect on your face. How many women exploited. We are too talented to have to sleep with you filthy ugly unattractive lot. We can’t be talented,” she wrote.

“Are you ever ashamed of yourself, you filthy predator? Ali Noor, just a pretty coward who likes snatching opportunities from you promising young women unless there is something in exchange for yourself too,” she added.

This is not the first time Ali Noor has been publicly accused of sexual harassment by a woman on professional grounds. In 2022, he was accused by a female journalist named Ayesha Binte Rashid of sexually harassing her.

Social media has been abuzz with all kinds of thoughts regarding the situation, mainly how this is the second time someone has come forward against the singer and that he has still suffered close to no consequences. Check out the reactions below.



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