From graceful steps to powerful ones, from a lit room to a mighty throne, Maya Ali is a beauty to behold in the latest Bata commercial. She gives off elegant vibes through and through and doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to awe the audience with her all-consuming femininity.

She has it all; the looks of an innocent downtown girl to the sophistication that only a few have the tactic to hold. The advertisement shows her for what she is in reality; a woman who is many things at once. Though the TVC shows her for the star she is, she depicts all the modern women of today.

This is not the first time Maya has impressed her fans with her style and beauty; she keeps proving time and again that there is none like her. With a petite frame, soul-invading deep brown eyes, and a thin mouth set in a serious yet loving expression, the Aunn Zara actress steals the show once again.

Whether she stands beside a man in a traditional drama serial or stands tall by herself in a TVC, either way, she aces at her role and is a style icon for the fashion-forward women. The Bata brand ambassador doesn’t just stun with her looks, but also with her presence.

The advertisement takes shots of her in glittery and glamorous ensembles and she owns each set, each outfit. There is no denying that this role couldn’t have been played better by any other. Maya manages to maintain a balance between serenity and boldness. A diva from within and without. She is truly #MoreThanAStar and knows how to keep us hooked throughout the advert.

Despite her celebrity-status, we all can relate with her. Perhaps it’s the way she carries herself. As not only does she project the idea of #ComfortableWithIt campaign perfectly but her expression of a modern-day woman also resonates with us all.


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