‘I am feminist since I didn’t even know its meaning’ Yasra


Yasra Rizvi said she is a feminist since when she was 6-7 years old and didn’t even know the actual meaning of this term.

Speaking to Niche LifeStyle, Yasra said she brought up with a feminist mindset but her religion, patriotism stay there always.

“I am feminist AF, and I am a feminist since I was 6-7 years old. I’m as feminist as they come,” she said.

“But, I am a Muslim, Pakistani, and woman too. I believe in equality. Feminism doesn’t mean I am different from others or I demand something extra for myself or women,” she added.

Yasra said her feminist views have nothing to do with her latest web-series Churails which featured women empowerment. “Whether you take a look at my acting projects, written productions, or even my ‘scandalous’ personal life marrying to a man ten years younger than me, they all reflect my feminist inclinations,” she concluded.

It must be noted here that Yasra remained under immense criticism for her bold character in Pakistan’s first-ever web-series based on women empowerment.

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