If you remember TV sitcom ‘Sab Set Hai,’ you must be a fan of Azfar Ali, the drama actor and director. Ali was guest with Hina Bayat on Iftar Mulaqaat in 12th episode. He was not much vocal but the conversation still went smooth.

When asked about the fresh and clean look he always had, Azfar said he is way older than his looks and after some coaxing he let out his secret for flawless and clear skin.

I am old but I don’t look old, maybe it’s because I stay happy, I feel content,” said Azfar Ali.

He also mentioned that he avoided doing projects which disturb his talent or potential. “Money is not important to me, I won’t do anything that disturbs my talent or potential,” he maintained.

The director said that he kept his ambitions clear and enjoyed his work. “You should enjoy your work,” said Azfar.

When talked about his routine in Ramazan, he said that he loved driving in Ramazan. “I love to drive in Ramazan when the roads are mostly empty, the serenity is something.


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