Ali publicly apologizes in response to sexual harassment allegations 


Ali Noor came up with a public apology in response to sexual harassment allegations made on him by journalist Ayesha Binte Rashid.

Taking to his Instagram story, Ali apologized to Ayesha and said he cannot fathom her pain.

“Dear Ayesha Binte Rashid, after deeply deliberating various responses, I came to the conclusion that the only right response is that I am truly, deeply sorry. I cannot fathom your pain and only apologize once again,” he wrote.

“I hope that you can find some relief in my apology. Baaki Allah Maalik (the rest I leave to God),” he added.

Earlier on Friday, Ayesha came to Instagram to allege band Noori’s lead vocalist of sexual harassment. “You emotionally manipulated me and what happened in the back of my car while driving to the airport was sexual harassment. You’re a sexual harasser and a predator,” she wrote while sharing chat screenshots,” she wrote while sharing some WhatsApp chat screenshots.

In reply, Ali ensured to get back to the journalist’s allegations on February 25 once his song ‘Mein Ne Chorh Dia’ gets released.

“I want to release my song in peace on 22nd. I will address everyone’s concerns and questions on the 25th,” Noor wrote in his Instagram story.

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