‘Ashamed of the language used by students’ Shafqat Mahmood


Federal Minister of Education Shafqat Mahmood wasn’t happy with students using inappropriate language against him on social media.

While addressing the CAIE exams issue in a presser, Mahmood expressed concerns over the language used by students during all the criticism against him.

“I feel ashamed of the language used by students against me. It was disappointing to see 16 to 17-year-old teenagers using such language. This is a failure on the part of parents, teachers, and the government,” the Minister lamented.

Bringing into your account, Mahmood suffered immense criticism on social media for risking students’ life by giving green signal to Cambridge exams amid prevailing COVID-19. Following the massive backlash, government changed its decision and postponed the exams until October-November but students wanted the exams to get canceled due to no proper academic classes during the year due to COVID-19.

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