‘Single motherhood should be normalized’ Javeria Abbasi


Javeria Abbasi thinks that the stereotype attached to single motherhood should go down as women are strong enough to raise their children without men.

Abbasi shared how she raised her daughter Anzela Abbasi singlehandedly after getting divorced and helped her reach wherever she wanted to be.

“People will always tell you that women cannot survive in this world if they don’t have a husband to take care of them. But I don’t encourage this kind of thought process because it was not difficult for me at all,” she said in an interview with Fuchsia Magazine.

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“I have a good job from where I earn a good amount which allows me to have a comfortable lifestyle and also take care of my daughter. I’m proud of the person she has become since she’s well educated, well-groomed, and now is also working as an actress,” she added.

The actress said single motherhood should be normalized in Pakistan as women have the power to deal with it comfortably. “Single motherhood should be normalized in our society. People make a lot of assumptions about how bad single motherhood is and might even think negatively of me since I’m an actress and now my daughter is an actress as well. But I don’t care,” she shared.

Abbasi clarified that she is not against marriage but feels that women should better get rid of abusive relations.

“I don’t think that marriage is wrong, but women should not tolerate abusive situations,” she suggested. “When I was divorced I was miserable for a long while. But I had a very supportive family surrounding me: my mother, my brother, and my sister who also works in television,” she shared.

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