Are you YouTubers inclined towards problematic behaviour or is it just a speciality that comes with Pakistani content creators? Just when we still aren’t over the whole Ukhano shindig, there’s an accusation against Mooroo floating around.

Taimoor Salahuddin alias Mooroo has a strong YouTube presence and has been dabbling in music as well for quite a while now. The YouTuber has uttered his fair share of problematic comments throughout his career, and now model Fazeelat Aslam came out with her experience of working with him.

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While sharing a throwback of the song Awaam by Faris Shafi and Mooroo, the model revealed how working with Shafi was a delightful experience but not so much with the latter.

“So the story goes while Faris was an incredible performer, he also treated me with a lot of respect. Unlike Mooroo who insisted I do a scene in the same bed as him,” she started off in an Instagram story.

“When I said I was uncomfortable, he said I wasn’t a professional and became very passive-aggressive. I should have walked off the set,” she added. The model also mentioned how Mooroo enlighted her with his thoughts about sex.

“Mooroo also told me that when men have sex with women after a certain point even if a woman says stop the man would be physically unable to,” she wrote, and tagged the picture with a ‘rape’ trigger warning.

Moving on, Aslam also shared how someone messaged her with more evidence against Mooroo and she posted some of the problematic behaviour the YouTuber has indulged in previously. The list included him referring to rape and molestation as a part of nature, making child molestation jokes, and other similar traits.

Mooroo is yet to comment on the allegations.


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