‘My biggest wish is to recite Azaan at Kaaba,’ Atif Aslam


Atif Aslam has disclosed his longstanding wish of reciting the Azaan at Kaaba. He wishes that someone recommends him to give Azaan at the holy place.

Speaking to Hamid Mir at Geo News, Aslam expressed the biggest dream of his life. The singer recently recited Azaan, amid COVID-19 outbreak in Pakistan, and it made rounds on social media.

“My biggest wish is to recite Azaan at Kaaba,” Aslam said. “I would request if someone can recommend me to say Azaan at Kaaba, in fact, I will work for that person throughout my whole life,” he maintained.

Aslam also shared his feelings during recording ‘Azaan’ which collected immense praise from his fans. “A day before recording it, I couldn’t sleep at night and couldn’t hold my eagerness. The feeling was beyond words. I never thought I’d be blessed enough to get a chance like this,” he said.

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