‘I faced professional harassment in the industry’ Azfar Rehman


Azfar Rehman said sexual harassment is hard to prove with very few proofs but shared his experience of professional harassment.

Speaking to Something Haute, Azfar said people used to harass him after he refuse doing their projects.

“There is no sure shot way to deal with Sexual harassment because there are rarely proofs. I didn’t face sexual harassment but rather professional harassment where people harassed me when I didn’t do their projects; it was more like power play,” he shared.

While talking about favoritism in the industry, Azfar said it is a part of the industry. “Selection criteria for actors has become better with time as nowadays acting skills are usually preferred. However, PR skills matter the most and favoritism is the a part of the industry. Take last five projects of any production house, you will see favoritism clearly,” he mentioned.

It is pertinent to mention here that Azfar did back-to-back dramas this year including Dour, Aakhir Kab Tak and Bisaat.

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