‘Nothing but good performance connects with audiences,’ Bilal Abbas Khan


Film and tv actor Bilal Abbas believes in hard work and thinks that good work on the screen is the only way to remain in touch with the audience.

In an exclusive talk with behtareen.pk, Bilal revealed that he often doesn’t like to go out for parties, meeting people and giving interviews. “I am a different kind of personality. I believe that my work is my strength and it is the only way connects me to the audience. I think my work on the screen will bring fame to me rather than having shout-outs for it,” he highlighted.

The 27-year-old actor doesn’t plan things for a long period of time, he thinks that short term plannings maintain the connection with the ongoing projects. “I don’t plan things for a long period of time. For me its a burden, I don’t want to be in a rush,” Bilal said.

Meanwhile, Bilal shared experience working in his ongoing project ‘Pyar Ke Sadqay’ on Hum Tv which brings teenage romance on the screen. “The script of ‘Pyar Ke Sadqay’ was something different came to me after Cheekh and Balaa. I wanted some change after my last two projects. My character ‘Abdullah’ in this serial is innovative and I am enjoying this,” he maintained.

Furthermore, the actor is also loving his chemistry with co-star Yumna Zaidi as ‘Mehjabeen’ and called him a great actor. “It is my first time with Yumna. I found her a great actress who is passionate and hard-working,” he praised the 30-year-old on-screen partner.

On the other hand, Bilal, when asked about his recently watched Pakistani drama, named ‘Mere Pass Tum Ho’. “I have followed Mere Pass Tum Ho recently. Overall, I liked it due to an influential story,” he concluded.


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