Ali Zafar to remake Channo with Naughty Boy


Pakistan’s rock star Ali Zafar has excited his fans by announcing the remaking of his Iconic ‘Channo’, releasing soon this year.

Zafar, the heartthrob for his soulful voice, took to Twitter to announce that he is collaborating with Shahid Khan aka Naughty Boy for the remix of his first hit Channo.

It must be noted here that Naughty Boy has worked with Beyonce, Rihanna, and Sam Smith.

“Ok so here’s an announcement. “Channo” is coming back with the Naughty Boy Music version 2020. This guy I have a lot of respect for having produced for the likes of Beyonce, Paul Smith, and Rihanna and still loving his roots from Pakistan. Bring it on boy! #Channo” he put this as the caption to his video.

In collaboration with the Naughty Boy, Zafar is confident that the remixed Channo will bring something special for him and his followers across the globe.

The singer’s tweet attracted musicophiles in numbers as they can’t wait to see Zafar back with a blast this year.

The people in Pakistan are already missing Zafar after the Pakistan Super League (PSL) season 5 official anthem didn’t match the standard of first three seasons’ anthem sung by him. His ‘Ab Khel Jamey Ga’ is still the majority’s favorite.


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