Evidently, Ahad Raza Mir has got a lot on his plate ever since he stepped into the limelight. He has surely come a long way from performing in Yakeen Ka Safar, to now scoring the titular role in the stage play for Hamlet. And as much as his work remains highly appreciative amidst the masses, his chemistry with Sajal Aly is also a major contributing factor to why he has gained such a massive fan following so quickly.

Just when fans were basing in the glory of Aangan and enjoying the budding chemistry of Jameel and Chammi, Mir has revealed that he is going to be starring in another project alongside Aly. While in a conversation with Something Haute, the actor talked about the next project being Farhat Ishtiaq’s new play, which will follow a rather eccentric plot.

Further delving into the details, Mir went on to talk about the project being completely unique in terms of content. “It is something that has not been seen on our screens yet,” he said. He further added how his character is very dark and intense, unlike his previous roles. “I don’t intentionally choose dark characters, but I just prefer characters that feel real,” he added.

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Interestingly, his upcoming projects wasn’t the only thing he shed light on. He also talked about how much he enjoyed working with Aly, which proves to be a treat for Sahad fans. “She definitely has her own place, she’s giving so much time to the industry, and she’s fantastic,” he said, while sharing what a great connection the duo has.

While the play is supposed to drop sometime next year, their fans can still feast their eyes on Aangan on HUM TV.


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