Apparently, the High Court has decided to uphold the Pakistan Cricket Board’s new constitution, which came into force on August 19. A number of new clauses were presented in the constitution, including the Prime Minister not having the authority to dissolve the chairman of the board.

As of now, Justice Shahid Mobin has issued orders to suspend the new constitution, after thoroughly hearing the petition of petitioners Ahmed Nawaz and Munir Ahmed.

As per the new constitution, PCB had reduced the number of cricket associations from 16 to 6. Following the retraction, two thousand fourteen old constitutional and governing board members have also been restored. Moreover, the status of regional and departmental cricket has also been recovered and the region’s presidents and governing board members have reclaimed their positions.

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According to Advocate Naghman Haider Zaidi, the new constitution has been suspended for restricting undemocratic and democratic forces, along with the suspension of elected officials from the wall due to the conduct of dictatorial affairs.

He also added how dictatorship was established on the board, completely ignoring the process of accountability in the constitution. The Lahore-Governing Board is likely to present a non-confidence motion again in favor of the meeting on August 30 after the restoration of members.

The general reaction to the restoration of the old constitution has been mostly favourable.


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