Pakistani and Indian governments are surely not having good times and consequently, the people on both sides of borders, including artists, are at loss. The extremists in India have warned the producers in Bollywood to stop casting Pakistani artists and stop working on ongoing projects which have celebrities from the other side of border. But, at this time of crises, there are some sane voice, which are condemning such acts. One of them is Indian Central Board of Film Certification Chief, Mr. Pahlaj Nihalani.

According to a report by Indian media, Pahlaj has warned that Indian cinema could face big losses if Pakistani artists are prevented from working in his country. “Why are we talking about the artists? Instead, we should talk about India and Pakistan. To give a visa to any Pakistani is the sole decision of the government, and we as producers and actors, are saying they are not terrorists and that art and culture should never come in between,” Pahlaj said.

“The way our country was developing relations with Pakistan, the same way Karan Johar and Shah Rukh Khan had accepted the Pakistani actors, and now, this film should be released and should not face difficulties, because through this, not only will these actors suffer losses, but also the nation and the film industry will suffer,” he added.

Let’s hope such sane voices should be heard on both sides of border.


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