We still weren’t over how dreamy Bekaraan was, till Superstar released another romantic ballad we’ve all been waiting for. Crooned by Atif Aslam, the song In Dinon is one number that really stood out in the trailer and had the fans hoping to hear the full version soon.

The video encompasses all the intimate moments between Mahira Khan and Bilal Ashraf’s characters and gives us a glimpse of how delightful their love is. If you had doubts about their chemistry, this song is here to erase it all and will have you rooting for a happy ending! It has everything one would want in a romantic ballad – rain shots, slo-mo couple fun, playful teasing, you name it!

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And what’s better than a song as being vocalised by none other than Aslam? We can’t possibly think of a better choice for the singer. Apparently, Azaan Sami Khan has been doing a splendid job at composing music lately and his work in Superstar clearly proves it!

Directed by Ehteshamuddin, Superstar hits cinema screens this Eid-ul-Azha. Till then, we’re glad we have these songs to keep us hooked for weeks.


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