‘It was better to end Strings on high note’ Faisal Kapadia


One of the founding members of the famous band ‘Strings’, Faisal Kapadia has shared a few of the reasons behind ending up their band.

In March this year, Faisal and his partner Bilal Maqsood announced to end Strings, and the news left million of their fans in surprise and disappointment.

Now, for the first time since Strings was called off, Faisal has talked about it in detail. Speaking in an interview on The MJ Show video podcast, Faisal said they always wanted to end the band on a high note.

“See, we’ve had amazing years and amazing times. Beginning from the first album, we did our thirtieth album together. But, what was next? This question started making rounds in our minds when we were doing our thirtieth album,” the musician said.

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“Strings could go on, we could be 70 years old and still have Strings since it is our love and something we have lived with. But we were looking at the band like when you’ve lived a really good life and you start to think that it’s better to end it right here on a good note,” he maintained.

Faisal believes that dragging Strings could have pushed it towards downfall. “It was high time to cut the cord. Otherwise, we [would] start going downhill gradually, that is an automatic process in itself,” he said.

The singer also shared that he and Bilal were now interested in spending time with their families. “Me and Bilal just turned 50 this year. We thought 50 is a great number and now we need to spend more time with our families,

“As a band to make things work, you have to let go of and sacrifice a lot of things. But now we thought let’s do whatever we want to. It was a very conscious and deliberate decision and I am really happy about it. You always remember things that happened on a good note,” he concluded.


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