‘I empathize with body image issues’ Mahira Khan


Mahira Khan shared her two cents on one of the extreme societal pressures, body image issues leading to depression and anxiety.

In a video interview with Mashion on Youtube, Khan said it is not compulsory that only celebrities go through body image issues.

“I wouldn’t lie by saying that I struggle with body image issues, but I know they exist and I can empathize with such issues. I think anyone can go through it, you don’t need to be a celebrity. Because the kind of images we are constantly putting out is unreal,” she said.

Meanwhile, Mahira also shared a few things which she struggles to get rid of. “I struggle with a lot of other things. I struggle with anxiety, stress, and sometimes, being myself. And now everything, even a caption, is taken and blown out of proportion, so it kind of makes you cagey,” she believes.

To a query about being secretly married, Mahira said a ‘big no’. “No, I am not secretly married. And, if I ever tie the knot, I will tell my fans,” she concluded.

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