‘Be competitive’ Humaima suggests local filmmakers


Humaima Malik shared her two cents on the ongoing buzz about a foreign film reportedly having threatened the business of local films.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Humaima suggested filmmakers, who complained about the release of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness amid their films were doing good business this Eid, to be competitive.

“Come on, film industry, be competitive and do healthy competitions or every TV channel and [producers should buy their own cinemas. Then all of you can be happy promoting your own films and shows on your own channels and platforms and show it to your fellow industry friends as well. Allah Allah Khair se Allah,” she wrote.

“Dear industry, Cinemas are not private TV channels where you can pay monopoly, politics, and give favours to only your favourite ones. First, we banned Indian content and now we’re onto Hollywood, [how about] we just play amongst ourselves only like we do during our award shows?” her Instagram story further read.

Humaima also took a dig at alleged nepotism in Pakistani award shows.

“I’ll give you an award and you give me one. Of course, it’s our channel’s award show so it’s a given that our serials will win all awards,” she mentioned.

Earlier in a press conference, filmmakers Adnan Siddiqui, Wajahat Rauf and Yasir Nawaz called out Pakistani government for prioritizing foreign content over local films.

Three of them complained about losing expected profits from their films after the Marvel’s flick was released this Eid.


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