‘I respect my seniors, expect the same in return’ Urwa in reply of Ajaz’s comments


Urwa Hocane clapped back at Aijaz Aslam’s controversial comments about her in a celebrity talk show.

In her statement, Suno Chanda actor asked senior actors to show some responsibility.

“This is my response to the baseless allegations circulating about me all over social media,” Hocane said following the controversy.

“I respect all my seniors in the fraternity including their opinions and advice but they too have a responsibility towards their younger counterparts and the effect their words can have on someone’s image, mind and even work,

“I am sure he didn’t intend to harm me and didn’t realise how much it could blow out of proportion as I don’t know him in a personal capacity or have not even been a co-star with him in a single production,” she added.

Meanwhile, Aijaz asked people to stop making a controversy out of his comments.

“I want to clarify that I have never worked with her [Urwa] or been ill-treated by her. It was a multiple-choice question asked of me during a show and even in my answer, I said this is what people say but it might be wrong,” he clarified.

“Kindly don’t malign people on my behalf. Nothing but respect for all my industry colleagues here,” he concluded.


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