Actress Yashma Gill recently talked about her life journey in a heartfelt interview. She shared how she went from not believing in any religion to becoming a Muslim. Her story is about finding hope and healing through faith, especially during her 10-year battle with depression.

Yashma’s main message is that we shouldn’t just follow a religion because our family does; we should learn about it and understand it ourselves. Even when she didn’t believe in any religion, Yashma was curious about spiritual things. She used to research and ask questions about different beliefs and how religious scholars explained things.

She had a Muslim friend she talked to about these things. Her friend told her that to truly understand Islam, she should try living by its teachings instead of just thinking about them critically. This idea intrigued Yashma, so she decided to give it a try.

Yashma started praying five times a day and fasted during Ramadan. To be honest, she didn’t think it would change much about how she felt. But as the month of fasting went on, she noticed something amazing. Her anxiety and depression started to get better. She felt like she was on the right path.

But then, when she stopped practicing these teachings, her old problems came back. She realized that her negative thoughts and worries returned. This made her realize that Islam was what had been missing in her life.

So, Yashma decided to become a practicing Muslim. Her story shows us how faith can be a powerful source of strength and healing, especially when dealing with challenges like depression. Yashma’s journey teaches us that it’s important to explore our beliefs and find what gives us hope and peace.

Watch the interview below:


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