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Not sure how many of you had seen Indian movie “Akele Hum, Akele Tum” released in 90s featuring Aamir Khan and Manisha Koirala. The Bollywood movie was actually inspired by American drama film “Kramer vs Kramer” from 1979 featuring Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep. Both these movies were based on small kid aged around 7-8 years with fighting parents and then both parent going their ways, mother being more successful and father, almost a failure. Kid got to stay with father.

Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hay – which is a romantic drama film, as claimed by Mah e Mir’s director Anjum Shahzad – is the second movie to be premiered this Eid-ul-Adha season after “Teri Meri Love Story” and by far, this movie is better than first release.

Feroz Khan was simply brilliant and to be honest, I wasn’t expecting this much from him, I went to see the movie with a mind that Sajjal Aly will steal the lime-light, but it was the other way around. Feroz Khan you have impressed me with your acting skills.

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Jibraiyl Ahmed, the child star, was exceptionally brilliant and took the centre stage right from his first on-screen entrance. This kid dominated screen mostly and his presence at times made Sajjal Aly looked very mediocre actor.

Sajjal Aly was the biggest disappointment of this movie, below par acting and could have done better and director of the movie could have found a better and more mature actress for this kind of role.

Alyy Khan as usual was brilliant with his role but his assistant was the dumbest character of the movie closely followed by Nabeel Zuberi, Feroz’s friend and college in the movie. Walking on a ramp and acting are two entirely different subjects, one should understand the fact that if you are good at ramp-walk, you still have to learn to act and to be in a movie.

Nayyar Ejaz and Rashid Farooqui also did well with their roles, but some-one like Rashid Farooqui should opt for bigger and better slice rather this small role.

It seems that Pakistani movies are moving in the right direction but to progress further we need to remove characters like the one played by Shafqat Cheema, these type of characters simply do not exists in our part of the world, or at least I am yet to see one. Secondly, we need more faces for villain-type roles, why do we have to go back all the time for those old and million times tried faces like Shafqat Cheema.

Music was good, especially Tootiya Tara & Udasiyaan which were synchronized well with the scenes, and Mustafa Zahid and Adnan Dhool rocked with their powerful vocals. Title song sung by Adnan Dhool and Momina Mustehsan had a good feel to it too.

Anjum Shahzad showed some real guts by highlighting the negative-side of our beloved morning shows and also by showing drama/movie shoots.

This movie also had its share of loop-holes, raining had a fake feel to it, and it was too much raining, fight sequence was one of the worst scenes of the movie, kidnapping, police chase and hospital scene. These scenes could have been improved.

And finally last scene of the movie where parents are trying to bring the kid back to life was amazing and brought tears nearby.


A must watch movie for parents specially for fathers⁠⁠⁠⁠.

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