The chief editor of Nigar Weekly and Chairman of Nigar Awards, Aslam Illyas Rashidi has confirmed that the preparations for Nigar Awards are happening with full zeal and without any hindrance. He has strictly denied the news being reported by various sources, regarding the High Court injunction.

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There is no doubt that the case is under hearing, where both parties are allowed to work within their scope. The respected court has not carried out any stay order regarding the Nigar Awards event. He also sternly condemned the rumors that there is a 10 years agreement between Nigar and the proprietor of Lush institute, Usama Qazi.

The listed agreement was cancelled on 4th December, 2016, because of his ill intent and incompetence. He is now using wicked techniques to hide his incompetence and failure. His behavior is a result of his hatred towards Nigar which again reflects his incompetence, ill intent and failure. Consequently he is not only harming the Nigar Awards or Nigar Weekly but the entire film industry.

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It should be clear that through Nigar Awards, the Nigar Institute has been supporting and encouraging Pakistani Artists and the talent linked to the Pakistani Film Industry. It is because of this pivotal role being played by Nigar Institute that Nigar Award has been respected in the Private as well as in the Government sector.

“I request all friends and people linked to the film industry, that they should pay no heed to this false propaganda. Like always, we need your cooperation to make Nigar Awards successful,” requests Rashidi. Nigar Awards is the true identity of Pakistani Film industry. I hope that my explanation has cleared all sorts of misunderstandings created by this propaganda,” he adds.


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