‘Difficult for us to grow without international digital portals’ Faisal Qureshi


Faisal Qureshi thinks that it is high time to think of taking Pakistan’s content to international digital portals like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Speaking to Something Haute, Qureshi highlighted the loss tv channels suffered in Pakistan due to the COVID-19 pandemic which in result cost the industry a lot.

“It will be very difficult for us to grow unless we go to international digital portals. We’ve recently seen how our channels suffered in the pandemic last year. Our channels are dependent on ad revenue, not a subscription. And it is highly unlikely that this issue will resolve unless we stop depending on ads,” he believes.

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Meanwhile, the actor talked about royalty payments and said it is not only beneficial for actors, but for directors, producers, writers, and technicians too.

“It must not be just for the actors; it is equally beneficial for the producer, director, writer, actors and technicians who have worked hard on making a project. Unfortunately, we get nothing for our re-run work,” he stressed.

“I have done around 70 to 80 drama serials so far in my career and then telefilms as well. So, the biggest issue here is that if I was being paid royalties for my work, I would have been living peacefully, after owning a 2000-yard house by now,” he lamented.

The actor recalled his childhood acting days when actors used to get royalty payments for their work. “When I was a child artists during the PTV era, I used to get money when my dramas were aired again. In fact, there was a clause about it in the contracts,

“By the time, that clause was removed and nobody knew why. A lot of senior actors raised voice against it but then it became normalized,” he concluded.

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