Lahore court issues bailable arrest warrants against Meesha


A district court in Lahore denied exemption to Meesha Shafi and five others in a defamation suit filed by singer Ali Zafar.

In an order released on Friday, the court directed for bailable arrest warrants of Meesha and five others.

“Accused persons namely Faizan Raza, Haseemuz Zaman, Meera alias Meesha Shafi, Maham Javaid, and Ali Gull be summoned through bailable warrant of arrest of Rs50,000 for the date fixed above. Accused lady Humna Raza be summoned through bailable warrants of arrest of Rs 50,000” the order read.

“Today, the case was fixed for the argument on application 249-A CrPC (filed by Ali Gull Pir) on behalf of learned counsel for the complaint,

“However, the clerk of learned counsel for the complainant has requested for an adjournment for argument on the said petition. Now to come up for arguments upon application 249-A CrPC and application u/s205 CrpC on behalf of the complainant on the date fixed above,” the order further read.

READ: Court Order


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