Former cricket star Ramiz Raja is really upset about Pakistan not doing well in the World Cup. Instead of blaming the players, he’s pointing fingers at the people in charge at the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

Ramiz, who was the big boss at PCB for two years, is saying the bowlers didn’t do a good job, and that made things hard for the team captain, Babar Azam. He doesn’t think just changing the captain and coaches will fix everything, though. Ramiz is also questioning why the PCB listens to ex-players when things go wrong and wonders if they’re the right people for the job.

Ramiz is pretty clear about what needs to change – he wants everyone involved in Pakistani cricket to really love the game and to stop spreading news to their favorite reporters. He thinks there’s a big problem that needs fixing.

As people talk about what Ramiz said, all eyes are on the PCB. The big question now is if they’ll listen to what he’s saying and make the important changes for a better future in Pakistani cricket.


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