The legal proceedings regarding defamatory online content against Mehwish Hayat & Kubra Khan are still going on, with Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA)’s update being that the content that the authority could remove on its own has been removed, while authorities concerned had been requested for the removal of content which was uploaded from foreign territories.

According to the PTA’s reports, about 65 Twitter and 10 Instagram links were examined, out of which only three links have been blocked. 5 were protected and private, 18 links did not have any defamatory content, and the remaining 49 are currently being reviewed by the social media platforms.

The government’s lawyer maintained that Hayat’s statement has been recorded while Khan’s statement has yet to be recorded. And after seeking progress reports from all concerned parties, the Sindh High Court adjourned the hearing till February 24.

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Last month, both Mehwish Hayat & Kubra Khan came forward against controversial remarks being spread by YouTuber Adil Raja and took legal action. The YouTuber alleged that certain actresses were sexually exploited by prominent political figures like General Bajwa and General Faiz Hameed, and faced severe backlash for his claims.

“I am not the one to sit and let anyone use me as a pawn in their dirty political games! lam not going to rest until this is resolved. I am happy that the petition has been filed and the people behind this including all the trollers who are spreading malicious lies will be held accountable by the authorities,” Mehwish said on her statement on Instagram.

Kubra Khan also retorted timely. “So Mr Adil Raja, before you start to heap allegations upon people, have some proof first. You have a total of 3 days to come up with this proof which you claim is haq and sach. If not, either retract your statement and publicly apologise or I will be suing you for defamation. And don’t worry, lucky for you I’m not just from here, I am from UK so I’ll come there if I have to,” she said on Instagram.


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