‘I don’t work in Ramazan as it is an opportunity to connect with God’ shares Neelam


Neelam Muneer said she doesn’t take up any project in Ramadan as this month is an opportunity for her to connect to the God.

In an interview with DW, Neelam said she often doesn’t get much time to go closer to the God rest of the year, hence she takes break from work during Ramazan.

“I can only speak for myself but when we’re working, we’re always caught up in a rat race and bound by commitments. We only get this opportunity once in a year, where I feel we can just stay home and connect with God without any stress. So, I don’t work during Ramazan,” she said.

Neelam will be seen opposite Ahsan Khan in ‘Chakkar’, which will be among Pakistani films – scheduled to release this Eid-ul-Fitr.

Speaking about her first-ever dual role, Neelam shared it wasn’t easy to manage.

“It wasn’t as easy. Switching between two people isn’t a piece of cake,” Neelam said. “I would first get ready for one character, then another. There were many technical aspects we had to be mindful of. Even while dubbing, I made sure both my characters sound different. Their style of talking shouldn’t overlap. I enjoyed acting a lot but there was always this pressure to appear different while looking the same. That was tough,” she added.

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