‘We can also ride horses’ Yasir again questions Turkish stars in local industry


Yasir Hussain once again took a dig at Turkish stars getting work in Pakistan’s entertainment industry and brands promotion.

Yasir appeared in Nauman Ijaz’s show where he was asked to explain his point of view against Turkish stars that often put him under the knife of criticism.

“I never said anything against the people of Turkey. Yes, it was [misinterpretated] because that’s how things work around here. People need negativity because it sells,” he said.

“I feel that the way Turkish stars have been endorsing perfumes and such [in Pakistan], didn’t you [Nauman Ijaz] play Balaaj in Dasht? So, you know how to ride horses as well. You are also capable of doing that. Adnan Siddiqui can do it, and so can Humayun Saeed,” he added.

The Lahore Se Agay actor compared social media following Turkey’s Esra Bilgic and Pakistan’s Ayeza Khan to give an example of how local artists are overlooked.

“In fact, the woman that has six million followers now didn’t even have a million before she started working in Pakistan. Ayeza Khan has ten times more followers than that,” he maintained.

It must be noted here that Yasir has had openly criticized the promotion of Turkish stars in the local industry. He faced immense criticism for his point of view against Turkish stars getting work in Pakistan.

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