‘Our cinema is not evolving because same people writing ad, drama, film’ Shaan


Shaan Shahid believes that the roles in the Pakistani entertainment industry must be identified for taking the local content forward and letting it compete in the world.

While talking in Nauman Ijaz’s talk show on a local channel, Shaan said everyone feels doing everything which can’t take the industry forward.

“Our cinema is simply not evolving because the same people who are writing ads and dramas, are writing films too,” Shaan discussed with the host Nauman.

“And the very directors who direct dramas start directing films too. How can that work?” the veteran actor questioned.

Shaan also explained how there is no difference between making a drama and film. “Everyone is doing everything. A film is like a T20 and a drama is like a test match. It’s the same game, yes, but most players can’t do both with expertise,” he said.

“For a film, the script will be short and the screenplay will be long but drama writers don’t understand that. So. even if everything is fine visually, the final product is never up to the mark,” he maintained.

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