‘TV, Film reviews have less worth now,’ Humayun Saeed


Humayun Saeed thinks that getting a paid review for films and dramas have become too easy in this social media era.

Mere Pas Tum Ho actor talked about social media influence in Ahsan Khan’s show ‘Time Out With Ahsan Khan’ on Express Entertainment. He said getting reviews for films and dramas isn’t tough nowadays and they have less worth.

“Earlier, an interview or a review of films and dramas held certain importance. But, now it is so easy to pay someone and get reviews according to what do you want. I don’t have an issue with this, I just think these things have lost their charm,” he said.

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Meanwhile, Fahad Mustafa also accompanied his colleague on the show and once again bashed ‘cancel culture’ and the cons of social media.

“There is a lot to like but more to dislike on social media. Anyone can say anything. I think you should be an achiever before you have the right to say something, otherwise, it doesn’t make sense,” he highlighted.

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