This year, like the previous ones, Express T.V. brought us another season of Piyara Ramadan Transmission, one of the many gifts of Ramadan we are blessed with during the holy month.

However, this year’s season of the transmission was way above what we expected. The extravagant set complete with the detailing was the highlight of the show that leaves us in awe. Hosted by Rabia Anum, the ongoing show consists of many segments that keep the spectators glued to the screen.

First, we have Chef Arooj, who indulged us in all kinds of special Ramadan recipes that we couldn’t wait to try by ourselves for a scrumptious iftar. Secondly, what held us on was when Anum met celebrities as guest stars. We had Aimen Khan, Zubab Rana, Rabeeca, Yashma Gill, Muneeb Butt, Affan Waheed, Azlan Shah and a lot of other stars making special appearances to have a chat with the host.

Watch the magical recipe here:

As the show is for families, hence it is a must to have a portion of the show dedicated to kids, that is the kids story time segment in which we have Babur Junaid Jamshed and Saif Ullah Junaid, the informational vlogger who teaches the anxious kids about the glorious history of Islam and the host joins him and the kids to have a cute chat, one that leaves us awing.

Lastly we head off to the cook-off lead by celebrity chef Jalal, the judge who decides who gets to stay and who leaves the show named Kitchen Master Season 2.

Watch the video glimpse here:

In a nutshell, the Ramadan transmission keeps us entertained whilst we wait for Maghrib. From cooking lessons, we drool over, to meet and greet and story time, complete with a kitchen face-off, it is the best Ramadan hamper one could get for free!

Tune in to Express Entertainment to watch the show.


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