In a fun chat with Nida Yasir on her morning show, Durefishan Saleem spilled all the beans on who her first and biggest celebrity crush was. And yes, like many young Pakistani girls, it was none other than Atif Aslam.

When Nida urged Durefishan to share if she ever got upset over a celebrity wedding like young girls with crushes usually do, the actress went on to share how she had the biggest crush on the singer. “I remember I had a big crush on Atif Aslam. Big crush! It was so big that I used to just listen to him. I used to just talk about him and my sister still tells me that I’ve never vocalized it,” she shared excitedly.

She also went on to share her memories of the first time she met the singer. “I remember meeting him. The first time I met him was two days after his wedding. And I just kept crying. How old was I? I don’t even remember. I was really young. I was doing my O levels,” she said, reiterating how young and emotional she was back then.

“Atif Aslam was like the first heartbreak and my biggest crush,” she added.

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Nida went on to ask if there was an actor who ever caught Durefishan’s attention, to which the actress replied how she has never been obsessed with actors.

What do you think about Durefishan’s first crush story? Share your thoughts with us and watch the clip below.


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