In past, we heard a lot about the reunion of one of the greatest musical bands of Asia, Junoon, but it was mostly from Salman Ahmed or some non-member and never Ali Azmat. This time, to our surprise, the lead vocalist of the band himself posted a status on his Facebook to give a hint about the long due reunion, most importantly, with the original lineup.

We heard several news about the comeback of Junoon in past. It was once before one of the Lux Style Awards that people started talking about the big surprise coming on the show. Also in 2014 and 2016, but Ali straightaway denied news both the times.

In 2011, when Salman Ahmed announced to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the band, fans were expecting reunion but again, it didn’t work.

This week, for the first time since the breakup, Ali posted a status on his Facebook and asked Junoonis if they still wanted reunion.

Who wants to see South Asia's biggest Band 'Junoon' reunite this Year?Team Ali Azmat !!!#Junoon #AliAzmat #survey#poll #ReUnite #PakistanRockIcon

Posted by Ali Azmat on Thursday, November 9, 2017

Ali also posted a survey on his Facebook, which showed that 50% of the people were in support of the reunion, 22% were unsure while 28% opposed it.

Reportedly, Salman Ahmad repeatedly asked Ali Azmat for the reunion in past but the latter denied it every time. This time, the former is not breaking his silence and once again, creating doubts.

And as if Salman’s silence was not enough, the co-founder of Patari, Mr. Khalid Bajwa posted a status to inform that no discussion for the reunion taken place. “Really bummed to confirm this, but hold your excitement. Unfortunately no discussions for Junoon’s reunion have taken place so far. I hope with all my heart this happens, but for now, its nothing but a facebook status,” he wrote on his Facebook.

Let’s hope against the hope and pray that something actually happen this time and Ali was not doing something for a marketing campaign.


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